Five Signs You Have Exhaust System Trouble Brewing

The most common problem exhaust system trouble causes is a failed smog check. Your car, truck, or SUV will not pass an emissions test if the exhaust is filtered properly. There are five specific signs that will tell you that your vehicle’s exhaust system isn’t working right. Here is what to look for. If you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle to Advanced Automotive so we can have a look and fix it.

Acceleration Noises

Your vehicle will rev when it accelerates but it shouldn’t make loud or rattling noises. If it does, you probably have a leak in the muffler. The leak might also be in an exhaust pipe. Other causes of loud or rattling acceleration are engine or transmission trouble, but in most cases, you can tell if it’s your muffler because your car will sound like that annoying souped-up car your neighbor’s kid speeds in.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Another sign of exhaust system trouble is your check engine light. This light will come on if your catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor, or oxygen sensor is failing. It will also come on if the air/fuel mixture in the engine and exhaust isn’t just right. Don’t ignore the check engine warning even if your car is running okay because something is likely brewing in the exhaust system that needs to be fixed.

Power Loss or Strange Vibrations

You’re driving along and all of a sudden your car, truck, or SUV loses power. You’re driving along and your vehicle is vibrating. Both of these signs could mean exhaust trouble. Your exhaust system actually helps power your automobile and if it is leaking, the engine loses precious vacuum and, as such, loses power. The power loss might be minor, which is why your vehicle vibrates as you drive it.

You Smell Exhaust

You know what exhaust fumes smell like and you shouldn’t smell them coming from your car when you drive. You might also smell bad eggs or sulfur, and this is a sign your catalytic converter is dying. If you notice exhaust smells inside your vehicle, you have a leak somewhere and it’s crucial you get that leak fixed. Included in unfiltered exhaust is carbon monoxide and know what that can do to you.

A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Finally, a decrease in your vehicle’s gas mileage can be caused by many things and the exhaust system is one of them. If the exhaust system is not operating efficiently, it will force your engine to work harder. When your engine struggles, it burns more gas to operate. If you have a good idea of how often you need to fill your tank and find this increasing, have your vehicle inspected for exhaust system trouble.

Advanced Automotive can conduct that inspection and the problem isn’t your vehicle’s exhaust system, we’ll find out what it is. Set up an appointment by calling us today in Stanwood, WA.

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