Seven Ways to Ensure Safe Thanksgiving Travel

Staying safe during the holidays can be tough if you’re on the road. Thoroughfares are congested, people are in a rush, and some people are even driving impaired. Advanced Automotive wants everyone to have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Here are ways to help you if you’re safe Thanksgiving travel that weekend.

1. Be Prepared

Map out your trip and an alternate route in case you need to use it. Pack emergency supplies in the car and make sure to get plenty of rest before you set out. Set accident, road closure, traffic, and weather alerts on your GPS so you are forewarned of problems in time to reroute yourself to stay safe.

2. Pack Lightly

Make sure the people and luggage in the car do not overload it. Open your driver’s door and look at the maximum weight capacity for your vehicle. Stay under that load number so you don’t damage your vehicle’s suspension. Overloading your automobile can also damage the wheels and tires.

3. Move Over

Move away from stranded vehicles and crazy drivers. Remain defensive behind the wheel, anticipating problems before they occur and accounting for them. Slow down if there’s danger ahead and turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers of the danger, as well. Be respectful of other drivers.

4. Remain Focused

Turn off your cell phone notifications and have your kids silence their games. If they must have sound, make them wear headphones. Keep talking to a minimum and always stay focused on the road. Don’t text, fiddle with your GPS, or distract yourself in other ways. Distracted driving causes accidents.

5. Drive During the Day

Driving late at night adds to the dangers on the road. People have been drinking and are heading home, it’s dark and hard to see, you’re more likely to get lost, and you and other drivers are tired. It’s better to schedule your weekend travel when it’s light outside and there are fewer chances of drunk drivers.

6. Stick to the Slow Lanes

Driving in the right lane keeps you safer. Fast drivers fly in and out of the left lanes and drunk drivers tend to drive in the left lanes or swerve into the left lanes from the right lanes. Sticking to the slow lane allows you to take your time and keeps you to the right of the crazy and aggressive drivers.

7. Check Your Vehicle

Finally, schedule a vehicle service visit to have your automobile checked before your trip for potential problems. You can inspect some things yourself, too, such as the fluid levels, tires, and belts and hoses. Don’t head out for Thanksgiving travel in an unsafe and/or unmaintained vehicle.

Call Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, if you’d like us to check your automobile to make sure it’ll be safe during Thanksgiving travel.

Photo by Stephen Ackerman from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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