Common Causes of Vehicle Stalls

Let’s not candy-coat this. Few things are more aggravating than an engine stall. It doesn’t matter if you drive a domestic or foreign automobile, ending up with a dead engine on the side of the road or in traffic makes for a very bad day. We here at Advanced Automotive believe that if you know what causes engine stalls you are better suited to avoid them. Here are the most common causes of vehicle stalls when you’re at a stop, accelerating from a stop, or at full speed.

Gas Trouble

If you run out of gas, you don’t need us to tell you that your engine is going to die. But you could also end up stalling because the air/fuel mixture isn’t right or you have a clogged fuel filter or clogged fuel injectors. Anytime the gasoline mixture is off, your engine performance will suffer. This includes filling your tank with subpar gasoline that is more additives than actual fuel. Finally, if your fuel pump is dying, your automobile might stall, especially when the engine is under stress.

Electrical Problems

Another cause of engine stalls rests in the electrical system. Well, several causes, actually. Should your alternator or battery die, you won’t be able to get your automobile started. You might not realize this, but the engine can stall because of this even when you’re driving. Should the alternator die, your battery will not get recharged and eventually run out of juice. If your main computer chip goes out, this, too, will cause your engine to stall. In fact, your car will shut down just like that.

Air/Temperature Trouble

We mentioned above that the fuel mixture is important for optimal engine performance and this includes the air in the mixture. A clogged air filter will restrict air coming into the engine, and without enough air, your vehicle will stall because it is flooded with gasoline. Should your automobile begin to overheat, it will eventually stall if you don’t pull over and turn off the engine. Bear in mind that driving with an overheating engine can be very dangerous, especially if the radiator cap blows.

Ignition Problems

Finally, your spark plugs are crucial to start your automobile and keep it running. Without them, your car, truck, or utility vehicle will not start. If they begin to have trouble while you’re driving, you’ll notice performance issues such as lagging and surging, rough idling when you’re at a stop, and stalling. Depending on how bad the spark plugs are, you could lose power while you’re driving. In most cases, your engine will stall when you try to accelerate from a stop.

Don’t worry. Advanced Automotive can fix any of these causes of vehicle stalls. Call our Stanwood, WA, shop at 360-502-4606 today.

Photo by Candy Box Images from Canva Pro