I’m Having Problems With My Clutch

Stop by Advanced Automotive if you are having problems with your clutch. One of the best ways to get the most life out of the clutch is to have it adjusted every 6,000 miles. If you weren’t aware of this and failed to do so, it’s possible that your clutch will wear out sooner. The following are signs that the clutch needs to be adjusted at a minimum or replaced.

A Soft Clutch Pedal

A worn-out clutch will start to feel softer underneath your foot. In fact, it may feel squishy. In severe cases, the clutch may fail to catch at the catch point before it sinks all the way to the floor. This can be an indication that the internal mechanisms of the clutch need to be replaced. Rebuilding the clutch is an option if the clutch does not need to be completely replaced.

A Higher Catch Point

Another sign that the clutch is going bad is a higher catch point than normal. This point is also referred to as the bite point. This is the place in the clutch where the power is transferred to the transmission so you can shift gears. The power is also transferred to the transmission so that it can turn the drivetrain. Unfortunately, as the clutch wears out, the catch point gets higher.

A Clutch That Slips

You will need to replace the clutch if it is slipping. Signs that the clutch is slipping include burning odors coming from the clutch and difficulty shifting the gears. We will talk more about the latter next. When the clutch slips, it overheats. Consequently, you will smell hot odors inside your vehicle that are coming from the clutch. This means the clutch cannot stay engaged.

Shifting Problems

When this happens, you will find it difficult to shift between the gears because the power will remain with the engine. As we mentioned above, you need the power with the transmission in order to shift gears. When the power shift does not occur, the gears will grind when you try to shift them. You may also feel resistance from the manual transmission as you try to shift the gears.

Acceleration Lag

Finally, as we also mentioned above, the transmission uses the power from the engine to turn the drivetrain. If this power is not transferred, your vehicle’s acceleration will lag because the wheels are not turning as quickly as they should be.

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