Regular Oil Changes Ensure the Filter Never Clogs

Advanced Automotive is the best auto shop in Stanwood, and you can count on us to change your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s oil and filter when they need it. Generally, this is every 3,000 miles for conventional oil and every 5,000 miles for synthetic. Failure to change the oil when it is old can result in a clogged oil filter that can actually damage your engine. We will explain how below.

Reduced Performance

One thing that a clogged oil filter does is reduce your engine’s performance. The oil circulates through the engine to protect the moving parts, reduce their heat, and collect dirt and grime. It deposits the dirt and grime into the oil filter when it flows through it. If the oil filter is dirty, the oil will remain dirty. Consequently, it will deposit rather than remove dirt and grime throughout the engine. This will cause your engine to lag, sputter, and even run too hot.

Reduced Fuel Economy

The engine performance problems are going to reduce the fuel economy. This is bad news considering what gas costs these days. Unfortunately, you will continue to have a problem with the gas mileage until you have the oil and oil filter changed.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Another way a clogged oil filter causes damage to the engine is by reducing the oil pressure. The moving parts in the engine need the right amount of oil flowing under the correct pressure in order to be lubricated properly. The reduced oil pressure is going to cause problems with the moving engine parts. As such, they will wear against each other and you will end up with an illuminated oil light.

Noises in the Engine

Once the parts wear against each other, you will hear grinding, clanking, and other metal sounds coming from the engine. This is a horrible sign. This means that there is very little oil circulating through the engine to protect it. Did you know that an engine can die in less than 30 minutes if it doesn’t have any motor oil? We recommend that you avoid driving your vehicle if the engine is making metal noises.

Excess Harmful Emissions

Finally, because the engine is getting dirty and burning away the dirt, there will be excess harmful emissions in your vehicle’s exhaust. Consequently, the automobile could fail its next emissions test.

Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, would be happy to help so give us a ring today to set up an oil change if your oil filter is clogged.

Photo by npdesignde from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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