Should I Get a Used Car Inspected Before I Buy It?

Yes, you should have a used car inspected before you buy it. This protects you and it protects the seller. Plus, let’s be completely honest and admit that some private sellers are completely honest, nor are some dealerships for that matter. An independent used-car inspection can assure you that you are buying an automobile that will give you your money’s worth and more. Advanced Automotive explains further why these inspections are good news for used-car buyers.

Peace of Mind

Do you know if the car you’re about to purchase has been in a major accident? What about flood or fire damage? Not all automobile incidents are reported, which means everything the used car you’re considering buying might not be on that car history report you obtained from the business that advertises on TV. Used car inspections allow professionals to find hidden damage and this gives you peace of mind in your purchase. Professionals know exactly where to find that hidden damage, too.

Used-Car Inspections

Used-car inspections that are worth their weight in gold are thorough ones. They should include verification that all equipment, including optional equipment, functions properly. The used-car inspection should also check

  • All vehicle systems, including the brake, cooling, ignition, timing, and transmission systems
  • The tires, wheels, and suspension for wear, tear, and damage
  • The vehicle’s body and frame to ensure there hasn’t been an unreported accident or another damaging incident, including rust
  • The vehicle’s engine, including belts, hoses, fluids, and signs of engine block trouble
  • All vehicle filters
  • Whether the vehicle has any leaks
  • Electrical system problems, including error codes
  • The battery, alternator, and starter for impending doom
  • Full visual and diagnostic checks

All of these things instill confidence in you that you’re buying the right automobile or allow you to back out of the deal if the inspection reveals costly trouble. In fact, automobile inspections can even reveal previous poor maintenance and repair work. Even if you’re buying a used car from a dealer, a second set of eyes can’t hurt. That way, you know the automobile is in good shape.

Located in Stanwood, WA, Advanced Automotive conducts automobile pre-purchase inspections. Call us today at 360-502-4606 for an appointment. We’ll inspect the vehicle from top to bottom to ensure you don’t buy a lemon. Even though a vehicle is used, it should still be safe, reliable, and have plenty of miles left on it so you won’t be car shopping again soon. 

Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro

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