Should I Put Synthetic Motor Oil in My Car?

Many of our customers ask us if they should put synthetic motor oil in their cars, and we here at Advanced Automotive often recommend it. This motor oil performs better than conventional motor oil, but that isn’t the only consideration. Let’s discuss the differences between synthetic and conventional motor oil and when synthetic is the better choice for your car, truck, crossover, or SUV.

Conventional Motor Oil Basics

Conventional motor oil is refined from crude extracted from the ground. If you’re an environmentalist, you may have an issue with conventional motor oil. Nonetheless, this organic material has been used for over a century in homes and automobiles. Conventional motor oil protects engine parts from wear and tear just as synthetic oil does; the only difference is that it breaks down more quickly because it’s organic, which means you must have conventional motor oil changed often – every 3,000 miles usually.

Synthetic Oil Basics

Synthetic motor oil is manufactured in a laboratory, so it’s completely manmade. This oil is made to last longer in automobile engines and contains additives to retain its viscosity. What this means when it comes to oil changes is that you can wait longer than 3,000 miles to have your oil changed because it doesn’t break down as quickly as conventional motor oil does. Certain automobile manufacturers boast you can wait to have your oil changed until you’ve driven 10,000 miles or more with synthetic – we don’t know about that. It’s best to regularly check your oil – even synthetic – to see how it’s holding up.

Synthetic Motor Oil and Your Automobile

Certain circumstances call for synthetic oil to better protect your engine. For example, if you’re busy or forgetful and drive hundreds of miles past your oil change milestones, it’s best to put synthetic oil in your car. If you drive an older car with very high mileage, synthetic oil will better protect your older engine parts. If you’re rough on your vehicle, tow heavy loads, or live in an area where the weather goes from high heat to frigid cold between the seasons, synthetic oil is the better option. Think extreme. Synthetic motor oil handles extremes better than conventional motor oil.

Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, will get you in and out quickly when it’s time for your next oil change.

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