Signs of Brake System Problems in Your Car

You cannot afford to have problems with your vehicle’s brake system. This is why we here at Advanced Automotive recommend you have the system inspected every 12,000 miles or once a year. This ensures the brakes are operating seamlessly so you can stop your automobile whenever you need to. If you notice any of the brake problems listed below, schedule an appointment with us right away.

Brake System Warning Light

Your brake system may tell you it’s malfunctioning on the dashboard. The brake system may have two or more warning lights on the dashboard. You will have an ABS light, a Brake light, and a Low Pad light. The former two can indicate a brake problem. The latter means you need new brake pads.

Noises When Applying the Brakes

You shouldn’t hear noise when you apply the brakes. If you do, there’s a problem with the brake system. Squealing can be a sign of low pads or an overheating brake system. Grinding means that the brake pads are out of surface material. The brakes will also scrape when the brake pads are bald.

Leaking Red or Brown Fluid

If you check the fluid color in the brake fluid reservoir, it will be either brown or red most likely. If you’ve got spots on the garage floor of either color, your brake lines could be leaking. The brake lines aren’t the only thing that leak brake fluid. A malfunctioning master cylinder can also spring a leak.

A Brake Pedal That Sinks

Another sign that your brake system is going bad is if your brake pedal sinks lower than normal when you press down on it. It might also feel softer underneath your foot. This can point to air bubbles in the brake lines, a faulty master cylinder, or brake pads that are wearing down to their backings.

Changes in Braking Direction

Using the brakes should not change the direction of your vehicle. For example, your car, truck, or C/SUV should not veer to the side when you apply the brakes. If you notice a change of direction, you’ve probably got a caliper that has gotten stuck and is pulling the wheel in that direction.

Burning Brake System Odors

Finally, we mentioned above that overheating brakes will squeal. You will also detect burning odors every time you use the brakes. We cannot overstate how important it is that you do not drive your automobile if the brakes are overheating. Hot brakes will fail once they reach a certain temperature.

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Photo by Airubon from Getty Images viaCanva Pro

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