The Following Are Signs That it’s Time to Replace the Catalytic Converter

Bring your vehicle to Advanced Automotive right away if it is having any of the following problems listed below. These problems are the signs of a faulty catalytic converter. Your exhaust system relies on the catalytic converter to treat the exhaust before it is released out of the tailpipe. Problems with the catalytic converter can increase the hydrocarbons found in your exhaust.

Check Engine Warning

One of the first things that might happen is your check engine light might turn on on the dashboard. This is because the engine control module has received an error code from a system sensor. Generally, if the check engine warning is related to the catalytic converter, the converter is clogged.

Reduced Engine Performance

A clogged catalytic converter can reduce your engine’s performance. It can cause the engine to sputter and struggle to run at high speeds. It can also cause your acceleration to lag and the engine idle to be rough. These engine performance problems can be resolved by a new catalytic converter.

Reduction in Gas Mileage

Unfortunately, the more your engine struggles to run the more fuel it will burn. Consequently, you will see a reduction in your gas mileage until you replace the catalytic converter to restore the engine’s performance. We can take care of this problem here at our shop.

Dark Black Exhaust Smoke

The clogged converter may not be able to treat the exhaust. Consequently, you will release more hydrocarbons in the exhaust as mentioned above. These hydrocarbons will turn the exhaust black. Your exhaust may also be black if the engine is burning excess fuel in its effort to perform.

Exhaust That Smells Rancid

A specific thing that points to a problem with the catalytic converter is exhaust that smells rancid. This is because a common thing that clogs a catalytic converter is sulfur deposits. When hot exhaust passes over the sulfur, it releases a rotten egg smell. You will smell the rotten eggs in your exhaust.

Heat Underneath the Vehicle

Finally, you may end up with excess heat underneath your car, truck, or utility vehicle if the catalytic converter is going bad. The converter will overheat and pass this heat up to the engine. When this happens, your automobile’s engine will overheat every time you drive the vehicle.

Call Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, today if you suspect your automobile needs a new catalytic converter. We will inspect the converter and replace it if necessary.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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