Used Car Inspections Make Certain You Aren’t Buying a Lemon

The last thing we want here at Advanced Automotive is for you to end up with a lemon that constantly needs repairing. Yes, dealers now “certify” used cars, and this can mean that these vehicles are reliable. Still, whether you are buying a car that was previously owned from a dealer or a private seller, don’t skip a professional used car inspection to make sure you are aware of any hidden damages. Let’s talk more about this, and how a used car inspection can give you confidence in your purchase.

Things to Check on Your End

There are some things you can do yourself to give you peace of mind in your used car purchase. One of these things is to go online and research the vehicle that you would like to buy. Run the vehicle’s year, make, and model through the NHTSA website to see how it did in the safety checks. Google the year, make, and model to look at professional reviews of the automobile as well as consumer feedback.

It’s also important to run a car accident history report on the automobile as well as a maintenance history report if the dealer or private seller cannot prove the vehicle was maintained. Visually inspect the vehicle thoroughly yourself inside and out, test all of the components, and take it for an extensive test drive that includes city and highway driving as well as on curvy roads to see how it handles.

Professional Used-Car Inspection

Next, bring the vehicle to us so we can look over it with a professional and experienced eye. We know how to find damage that would normally be hidden to the naked eye. For example, if the automobile has been in an accident, there may be suspension, body, or undercarriage damage that we can see that you cannot. The vehicle might also have fire or flood damage that may not be easily detected.

Another thing we can do is run diagnostic checks on the vehicle to make sure there are no error codes being reported to the engine control module. We will also test every system to make sure that you aren’t on the road to mechanical failure. You might not believe this, but we can also detect if previous maintenance work was substandard, which can also leave you on the road to mechanical failure.

Don’t take chances with a previously-owned vehicle. Call Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, to schedule a used car inspection today. We will make sure you aren’t buying a lemon.

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