Why Do I Need My Fuel Injectors Professionally Cleaned?

There are over-the-counter fuel injector cleaners, and we here at Advanced Automotive advise that they will work for minor problems. The operative phrase in that sentence, however, is minor problems. Eventually, your fuel injectors will be clogged to the point where they need professional cleaning. When your vehicle’s engine generates combustion, carbon is deposited on the fuel injectors. It’s difficult to get this carbon off with an OTC cleaner. Here are signs that your fuel injectors are clogged or leaking and need some professional help.

Your Engine Is Misfiring

If you have noticed that your engine has been sputtering lately, it’s possible that clogged fuel injectors are causing it to misfire. Misfiring makes your car vibrate. The reason why the issue points to the fuel injectors is that your combustion chamber is not getting a steady stream of fuel when it needs it.

The Idle Is Rough

You will also notice that your vehicle’s idle is quite rough. Again, this is because the engine is being fuel-starved. In other words, the clogged fuel injectors are not sending enough fuel into the combustion chamber to keep the engine running smoothly. Consequently, you will notice stuttering and sputtering when you are idling and while your vehicle is in motion as discussed above.

Your Fuel Economy Tanks

Another problem that occurs with fuel injectors is that they can eventually leak. Over time, after dealing with excessive engine heat for years, the fuel injectors can crack and leak gasoline into the combustion chamber. Your engine will burn away the excess fuel and you will notice a difference in your vehicle’s gas mileage.

The Tachometer Needle Dances

Another sign that the engine is getting fuel in spurts is if RPM needle starts to dance on the tachometer. You would be able to see exactly when the engine is receiving a spurt of diesel fuel or gasoline because the engine RPMs will spike and the needle will go higher. This can also point to an engine vacuum leak.

You Can’t Start Your Car

Finally, you might find it difficult to get your car started if the fuel injectors are clogged. It may take several tries to get the engine to engage, or the engine may not engage at all. In this case, an OTC cleaner will definitely not solve the problem. It’s better to have the carbon removed professionally so your fuel injectors are squeaky clean.

Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, would be happy to help. Schedule an appointment with our shop today for a fuel injector cleaning.

Photo by Stason4ic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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