Import Auto Repair and Service

In decades past, Detroit had a virtual lock on the automotive industry, but those days are long behind us. These days, the automotive industry is a truly global enterprise, with vehicles coming from Asia, Europe, and everywhere in between.

From the factories of Japan and South Korea to the assembly lines of Europe, these imported vehicles come from all over the globe. If you are the proud owner of an import, you need a service center that understands the unique needs of your vehicle. If you are looking for a Stanwood import auto repair expert, look no further than Advanced Automotive.

Oil Services

Imported vehicles are designed to exact specifications, and their powerful engines need regular Oil Services to keep them running right. If you are overdue for your Oil Services, it is time to give Advanced Automotive a call.

We will change your oil, check your vehicle for leaks and get you on your way fast. You cannot afford to wait when you need Oil Services, so give us a call or stop by for the service you need.


Your transmission is a precise part of your automotive import, and without the right care, it could fail before its time. At Advanced Automotive, we are true transmission experts, able to service everything from the simplest stick shift to the most modern automatic.

From flushes and fills to keep your transmission fluid clean to expert rebuilds and extensive repairs, we are always here to help. If your imported vehicle slips when changing gears or something does not seem right, just give us a call and make an appointment today.

Import Brake Repair Near Me

The braking systems on imported vehicles are more sophisticated than ever, with ABS sensors, quality brake lining, and durable drums and discs. If your vehicle is not stopping the way it should, just bring your import to Advanced Automotive for the expert repairs you need.

We take your safety seriously, and we know what it takes to keep your brakes working right. From simple leak repairs to more extensive service, we are always here to help.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critical to long engine and transmission life, and it is important to stay on schedule. From Oil Services and coolant flushes and transmission and brake diagnosis, Advanced Automotive is your preventative maintenance expert.

We serve the entire Stanwood-Camano area, and we are here for your convenience and safety. Just stop by or give us a call today for all your preventative maintenance needs.

Full Diagnostics and Repairs

Your imported vehicle is a marvel of modern engineering, but those sophisticated systems can be difficult to diagnose. If you need help determining what is wrong with your car, truck or SUV, just make an appointment with Advanced Automotive for your Stanwood import auto repair.

We use the most modern equipment to diagnose even the most complex problems, so you can find out what is wrong. Once we know what is wrong, our experienced technicians will get to work setting it right, so you can enjoy many more trouble-free miles down the road.

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