Five Signs Your Vehicle Has Electrical Problems

Electrical problems in your car, truck, or SUV should never be taken lightly. Some electrical problems can actually set your automobile on fire. Advanced Automotive works on vehicle electrical systems, and we can help you if you notice any of the following five signs of vehicle electrical problems.

Something’s Burning!

Even in super-hot weather, you should never smell something burning while driving your car, truck, or SUV. If you do notice that something smells hot, pull over to a safe spot and turn off your automobile. If the problem is electrical, the hot odor will smell like burning plastic or rubber. This could be due to a shorted wire that is drawing too much current and melting its insulation.

I Can’t See!

Another sign your vehicle has an electrical problem is dim lights. Your vehicle’s alternator powers your battery which powers the lights. If either of these parts is failing, or if you have trouble with electrical wiring or your onboard computer chip, your lights will go dim or even go out. This includes the interior lamps and dashboard lights. Your lights may also flicker.

Where’s My Music?

Electrical component failure is another sign of an electrical problem. If your entertainment system isn’t working or if your GPS shuts down, it could be because the components are not getting enough power. In some cases, the signs will be small, such as your power windows take longer to go up and down but not so much that you notice. Noticeable signs include radio, GPS, or backup camera shutdown.

My Battery’s Corroded!

Your car, truck, or SUV’s battery is part of the electrical system and it will corrode if it’s failing. You should pop the hood regularly and inspect your battery and cables for corrosion. Corrosion is a buildup on the battery at the cable terminals that looks blue or white. Minor corrosion can be cleaned with baking soda and distilled water. Major corrosion means you need a new battery.

I Can’t Start My Car!

Finally, your vehicle relies on its electrical system to start. A clear-cut sign you have electrical trouble brewing is an engine that won’t turn over. Hopefully, you will have a little warning, such as it takes longer to get your automobile started before it dies completely, but if you try to start it in the morning and it’s dead as a doorknob, it could electrical. It could also be your fuel pump.

Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, works on vehicle electrical problems. Call us at 360-502-4606 if you suspect you have an electrical problem.

Photo by welcomia from Canva Pro

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