It’s An Emissions Problem if My Check Engine Light Comes On, Right?

It is true that your vehicle’s emissions system will trigger a check engine warning if something is wrong, but there are other reasons why the Check Engine light comes on, too. Advanced Automotive works on Asian, Domestic, and European automobiles, and we can figure out why your check engine light came on and recommend the best course of action to fix the problem.

Emissions System Warning Causes

Many vehicle systems, such as your brake, radiator, and transmission systems have their own warning lights. The engine light is there to tell you when other things are wrong. You are correct in that it comes on most of the time because something is wonky with the emissions system. In fact, the check engine light is sure to come on if the

  • Catalytic converter is dying
  • Mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning
  • Oxygen sensor is malfunctioning

Problems with the emissions system and any of the above parts can mean an expensive auto repair bill, so bring your vehicle in to us the minute your check engine light comes on. The sooner we find the problem the easier it should be to fix, which will save you money in parts and labor.

Other Check Engine Warning Causes

As mentioned in the introduction, however, your check engine light might come on for something unrelated to your automobile’s emissions system. Other causes of the check engine warning include

  • An unsealed gas cap
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Loose spark plug wires
  • Low oil pressure

… and “other.” We put other in quotes because the check engine light will shine for a ton of reasons. It’s kind of the onboard computer’s miscellaneous light, if you will. This is why automotive technicians run diagnostic checks to determine why a check engine light comes on. The diagnostic check tests all vehicle systems and returns error codes that point directly to the problem.

Heed the Warning

In many cases, your engine light will be the only warning you get. You won’t smell anything, see anything, or hear anything that gives you pause. Do your automobile a favor and heed the warning, even if your car, truck, or SUV seems just fine. The light could come on even though nothing is wrong, but don’t take any chances. It usually comes on for a reason, so have your automobile checked.

Stop by Advanced Automotive in Stanwood, WA, if your check engine is on. 

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