Signs My Car’s Alternator Is Going Bad

The alternator in your car may start to go bad after you have put about 100,000 miles on the odometer. Unfortunately, when the alternator goes bad, it must be replaced. Below, we are going to list the signs that your car’s alternator is going bad. Do not worry. We can replace it.

Accessory Problems

The alternator provides power to many different things in your car. One of the things that it powers is the power accessories. Without an alternator, the power accessories will not work. Consequently, if the alternator is going bad, you may have problems with your power accessories.

Battery Problems

You are also going to have battery problems if the alternator is going bad. The reason why is that the alternator produces electricity to keep the battery charged. If the battery is not kept charged, it will discharge until it dies. Frequent jump-starts are a sign that you have alternator problems.

Light Problems

As with your power accessories, your vehicle’s lights also need electricity in order to work properly. If the alternator is not producing enough electricity, the lights may flicker or not shine as brightly as they normally do. This can make driving at night extremely difficult.

Frequent Stalling

As if the alternator did not have enough on its plate, it also supplies electricity to the spark plugs. Your engine cannot start if the spark plugs do not generate sparks in the combustion chamber. If the spark plugs are not getting enough electricity, they may misfire and your car will stall frequently.

Hot Electricity

The alternator is designed to produce electricity up to 14.5 volts. Anything higher than that can cause problems with your car’s electrical system. Specifically, it will overheat the electrical system and you will smell burning odors coming from the engine. These odors will smell like hot electricity.

Strange Noises

You may also hear strange noises coming from the engine. Sometimes, when alternators go bad, they make growling or grinding sounds. They may also make whining noises. If you hear these noises coming from the engine you are having some of the problems listed above, you probably need a new alternator.

Finally, the engine control unit may turn on the battery warning light on the dashboard so you know there’s a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system. In this case, the problem is the alternator. Again, there is no need to worry. We can replace your alternator.

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