Where Does Transmission Fluid Leak From in My Car?

We talked about the colors of transmission fluid a few blog posts back. Now let’s talk about where transmission leaks come from. If your vehicle does have a transmission leak, it is crucial that you have the leak fixed right away. Low transmission oil can cause your transmission to overheat and damage the gears. Advanced Automotive can help you with any of your vehicle’s transmission problems including finding and fixing leaks.

1. Drain Plug/Pan

The transmission has a pan and a drain plug just like your motor oil does. If the drain plug is not screwed on tightly after a transmission fluid replacement, or if the plug is old and worn, the transmission fluid can leak out of it. The transmission pan is located on the bottom of your car, so it is subject to damage from road debris. If the damage is bad enough, the fluid can leak out of the transmission pan.

2. Transmission Seals

If you drive a car, truck, or utility vehicle with an automatic transmission, you have a lot of seals in the system that deal with intense hydraulic pressure every time you drive your car. Eventually, the seals can crack or wear out and your transmission fluid will leak out of them. Common seals that end up with leaks include the plug seals, the shifter housing seal, and the tail housing seal.

3. Pan Gasket

If you know what an engine gasket is then you know what a transmission pan gasket is. This is a thin piece of rubber that lines the transmission pan and protects it. Any time the gasket is compromised, the pan is compromised and you end up with a transmission leak. As with the transmission seals, the transmission gasket is also exposed to intense pressure and hot temperatures.

4. Torque Converter

Your transmission does more than shift gears; it also provides the torque to power and turn the wheels. This is done via the torque converter. The torque converter is a pump with needle bearings inside of it. If the pump cracks or the needle bearings get damaged, transmission fluid will leak out of it. Unfortunately, a damaged torque converter must be completely replaced.

5. Fluid Lines

Finally, transmission fluid lines are not made of rubber. Rather, they are made of aluminum or steel. They are durable, but they are also exposed to road debris like your transmission pan is. Aside from the debris, the transmission lines must also deal with excess heat. Depending on the damage, a transmission line can crack or break and you’ll end up with a fluid leak out of it.

We’ve got you covered here at Advanced Automotive. We are the best auto repair shop in Stanwood, WA, and we work on all vehicle types, makes, and models. Call us today if you have a transmission leak.

Photo by Lunamarina via Canva Pro

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