Four Signs Your Vehicle Needs Alignment

Your vehicle will tell you if it’s out of alignment. Advanced Automotive can help. It’s important to maintain your automobile’s wheel alignment because it prevents damage to your tires and suspension. What does your vehicle say when it needs a wheel alignment? Here are five signs to look for.

1. Tire Wear That’s Uneven

If you have your wheels balanced and aligned and your tires rotated when your automobile manufacturer recommends you do so, your tire tread should wear down evenly. If it isn’t, your wheels may be out of alignment or there may be something else going on. Other causes of uneven tire wear include overinflated tires, underinflated tires, and problems with the tires themselves.

2. Pulling in One Direction

One of the most common signs of misaligned wheels is pulling. Your car, SUV, or truck will pull to the right or left if it is not properly aligned. You can test this yourself. Head out to a flat road or parking lot; it should be level. Drive forward slowly and then let go of your steering wheel. Your vehicle will continue to go straight if the wheel alignment is okay. It will head to the right or left if it isn’t.

3. Vibrating Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel might vibrate while you drive for numerous reasons. If it vibrates when you apply the brakes, it could be your braking system. If it vibrates while in motion, it could be that your tires aren’t balanced properly or your wheels aren’t aligned. Any of these things should be checked out as soon as possible to avoid dangerous driving and stopping conditions in your car.

4. Crooked Wheel

If you look at your steering wheel when you’re driving straight you will see that it is straight, as well; your vehicle manufacturer’s logo is upright. Your vehicle’s steering wheel should only be off-center when you turn it. If it’s off-center even when you’re driving straight, you need to get your wheels aligned. The wheels should never turn unless you turn them and the steering wheel should show that in its mounted position. In other words, if your steering wheel is straight your wheels are straight.

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