I Can’t Tell What Is Leaking Out of My Car

It’s important to identify the fluid that is leaking out of your automobile to make sure that your car, crossover, truck, or SUV is still safe to drive. It might be unsafe to continue to operate your vehicle if there is a crucial fluid, such as motor oil, that is leaking out of it. Advanced Automotive is here to help by listing auto fluids below by their identifying colors.


In rare cases, blue fluid can be engine coolant but it is most likely windshield washing fluid. Check the fluid in your radiator when your engine is cold to determine whether it is blue. If it isn’t, your car is leaking windshield washer fluid and it’s okay to drive it.


Brown fluid can be motor oil, as discussed in the intro, as well as brake fluid, gear oil, or transmission fluid. It’s not a good idea to drive your automobile if it is leaking brown fluid because low levels of any of these fluids can damage your car, truck, or UV.


Clear fluid is most likely water that is dripping from your air conditioner or your tailpipe. You needn’t worry about this condensation because it is normal. If the clear fluid smells like gasoline, it is, so don’t drive your automobile.


Green fluid is antifreeze/engine coolant and you probably shouldn’t drive your automobile if the fluid leak is extensive. If you have just a few spots on your garage floor, check the reservoir to see if you need to add coolant and bring your vehicle to our shop.


If you see orange fluid on your garage floor it is most likely engine coolant that is filled with rust. It isn’t safe to drive your automobile when it is leaking orange fluid because you have a hole in the bottom of your radiator.


It also isn’t safe to drive your automobile if you see pink fluid underneath the vehicle toward the center. This means that your transmission fluid has mixed with engine coolant and it is being diluted. Driving your automobile will seriously damage your transmission.


Finally, red fluid is transmission fluid or power steering fluid. It isn’t a good idea to drive your automobile when either of these fluids is leaking out of it. You may also want to check the color of your brake fluid because it, too, can be red. 

Advanced Automotive in Stanwood WA, would be happy to determine where your fluid leak is coming from and fix it. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by BBuilder from Getty Images via Canva Pro